Friday, 15 August 2014


Diffferent people have different philosophy of who a youth is. And this view is dependent on specific criteria which they strongly believe on. Our perception of who a youth is, has a great influence on our abilities as a youth; because you cannot function beyond your perception.

“The world demands the qualities of youth; not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the life of ease.” said Robert Kennedy. The great future of every nation depends on its COMPLETE YOUTH
Who is a complete youth?
Does it differ from the youth known to all?
What are the criteria to being a complete youth?
What are the qualities of a complete youth?
To some, he is an individual within the youthful age bracket, others one who is neither too old nor too young to reason accurately; working with the mind.

In my secondary school days, I was opportune to have listened to a conversation between my parents. Mum used to be a member of a meeting tagged Youth. The meeting ought to be for the youths as I was made to understand by them, but the reverse was the case. The following conversation ensued between them:
MUM: I can’t continue with this so called youth meeting any longer.
DAD: I believe you are joking, sweetheart.
MUM: No, I am not.
DAD: Why do you choose to quit at this moment after many years of being a member.
MUM: My eyes has been opened to reality and truth; the youth members (as they were referred to) that were supposed to be vibrant youths of the community are not, but instead, majority (70-80%) of the members have exceeded their youthful age, and still claim to be youths.
She continued;
The unpleasant aspect of it is that, they always appear to know it all and too rigid to welcome suggestions. I believe the purpose of the meeting has been compromised and I see no reason to continue with them.
DAD: Now I understand the reasons behind your quitting.
MUM: Of course, quitting really worth it.
Mum was not just concerned about the age but the youthfulness, ideas and suggestions of these few vibrant members of the community. And the prime of her plight for quitting remains in her strong belief in the youth.

Recently, I carried out a survey on, “who a youth is”, and “the criteria on which their opinion was based on”. This survey was carried out on 50 students from different Department and Faculty of Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, Edo State. I was privileged to have listened to people’s opinion on this subject. It was indeed a great and interesting voyage.
Sequel to that, I had to write this article; to let the youth know that the society is not just in need of youths, but desperately in need of complete youths. Just as we have a youth, so we have a complete youth.
What signal does your mind interprete at the mention of the word YOUTH?
Which picture do you see at the mention of such word?
To what extent does that word strike your consciousness and imagination?
From the interview, it was discovered that in all they said, two parameters was never missing. And these parameters constitute the complete youth vis-a-vis its functionality and impact. They are:

A complete youth, is an individual who is young in age (18-40years) and mind, and is able to effectively and productively harness both qualities towards the betterment of the society. It is a stage of life and a state of mind. The mindset of such individual has been trained to such an extent that, age is no longer a limiting factor. Just as many would say, am too young allow societal problems irk my life and others enjoy your life when you are young to tell the “big story" when you are old. What does life really mean to you as a youth? Are you among those satisfied following the crowed? Do you see life as though nothing exist? Or do you still believe in following the crowd with no vision? Think about it.

There is no better time to begin to change your orientation about life than now. It is time to begin to see the stars in you when others are busy with affairs of the world that amounts to nothing. No special qualification is needed to put your mind to work. You don’t need someone to press the start button before you begin to move in the direction of change. You are the change, and the change we have been waiting for, and the change we need. I have heard some adults say am still a youth because am still youthful. Yes you are, by virtue of your mind being youthfully active, but not a complete youth. Why because, the age cannot be done without in this context. This was the very reason I opined earlier that, there are youths and there are complete youths
Let me remind you again that,you're Youthful and Powerful.

Being a complete youth, goes with certain qualities. It is not something you struggle to achieve or attain; it comes as default to every complete youth.
Below are the qualities of a complete youth:

A complete youth is a unique youth. It does not matter the environment he finds himself, his uniqueness always single him out of manny. The uniqueness of such a youth is an evidence of a trained mindset and orientation. This can be seen in character, attitude, manner of approach to life's challenges.

We have failed to know that the world will change when we do. A complete youth is never contented with the status quo. He is either making a change, or adding a value to the already existing and this remains the raison d' ├Ętre of every complete youth. He is never satisfied with the way things are in his community, country and the world at large. And he is ready to build a team that share the same vision with him undermining the cost. Above all, he is ready to change himself, to change the society.

Creativity flows in the blood of such a youth, and it is his nature to venture into the inner most part of his mind in search of ideas that will benefit the world. He finds the greatest joy in this aspect of his life. At this stage of his life, he disports his youthful exuberance.
Segun Oyeyiola, a final year student in Electrical Electronics Department of Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, was able to make a difference by building a wind and solar powered car, partly from free scrap parts donated by friends and family. The difference between you and Segun is that, he used his own creative ability. You too can do better than that.

A complete youth is full of dreams and vision not just centered on him alone, but the society as well. Sequel to this, his actions and thoughts are based on this and he is ever ready to make it a reality by paying the sacrifice involved. They dream big with no atom of impossibility.

Passion without action remains a mere notion. He is not a notion driven youth, but a youth full of passion. He has passion for Change; change for his country, and the society. This burning passion built on desires for a better society is a unique quality of a complete youth.

A complete youth is full of energy and life, always excited about life and nature. A complete youth lacks patience with anything that tends to limit his vigor and excitability. Take for instance, in a gathering made up of youths and adults, you will observe that the youth tends to always be on the move as seen in charged molecules in a confined medium. What can keep an adult sited and calm for an hour in most cases cannot do same to the youth.

A complete youth has this attitude of optimism also know as positive mental attitude. Even in certain circumstances where all hope is geared towards the zero loci, the complete youth still believe that the only thing it deserves is such an attitude, the POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE

A complete youth is a diligent youth, always ready to work and giving in his best in whatever he finds himself doing. He is never ready to settle for the less either consciously or unconsciously; an indefatigable zealot. To every complete youth, the shortest route to success is diligence. You too can work out your success if you become an ardent disciple of diligence.

A complete youth is a youth with focus. He has reasons for all he does, he has been able to curb his distractions to one thing; his desires for a better society.

A complete youth is a youth with God heart, spiritually active and loving. He acknowledges God and put Him first in all he does. He is an inspiration to many; his steps, care and humility never ceases to put smile on people’s face.

Do you belong to this caliber of youths?
What is that one thing you have done to make the other person feel alive?
Do you have a dream for those around you and society?
Do you even have a dream for yourself?
It’s not too late to ignite that potential in you.
“You are only young once, and if you work it right, once is enough. – Joe E. Lewis