Friday, 21 November 2014


Most time, I begin to wonder why people sit on the burning coal of impossibilities in the midst of thousand possibilities for no just course. Forgetting so soon that the power of great possibilities depends on our mindset justified by our words. Same goes for impossibilities. You are either a product of possibility or product of impossibility. There exist no middle ground.

Imagine someone saying, I can't with all surety, the last time I tried, I failed woefully. Please don't involve me in matters like this again. Unfortunately, he was right to have said he can't. If you say you can't, you're right to failure. But if you say you can, you're right to success, no matter the length of time it takes you to get there. This was why Henry Ford rightly asserted and I quote, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't—you're right”. No one can soar above how and what he thinks of himself. Your breakthrough is directly proportional to your mindset and your words. Positive and negative virtues cannot reside in the same mortal. They are unlike appellations. They generates a repelling force on each other.

I can. Yes you can. I can see myself doing the extraordinary in the hub of impossibilities. Of course you're doing the extraordinary. To envisage yourself as being, you have completed half of the journey in the attainment of your goal. That's the power of Positive Mental Attitude. Who do you see yourself becoming 10 years from now? Yes 10 years from now. Becoming what you desire depends on what you think of yourself now. You must have heard of the saying, “the future is NOW". Have you ever thought of why such sayings proceeds from the heart of man, and decoded by the tongue in form of words? It is not a misnomer believing the future to be now. But a dead end, not knowing the future is now. The future is now because, it is not a product of wishes but a product of creation. The act of creating the future is the act of now. You can create the future now, not even tomorrow because it has no power of igniting the flames of determination inherent in you. Everything about the 'future', is everything about the 'now'.

Just as you're the captain of your soul, you're also the captain of your future. How do you want your future? Do you want it Great or Small, Bright or Inky? It all depends on you. Refuse to live in the minor future of this generation. To do that, it requires of you taking a proactive stance in the creation of that future. Action is what your great future requires from you in order to become a reality. You can only make it great by ACTIONS geared toward your dreams. You lack clear knowledge of how close the future is to you, so don't give up.

There's nothing about the future, that's not about you. In the creation of your future, you are the alpha and the omega. You are the Michelangelo of your future, the author of your history. If you are still depending on someone to dream the dream and create your future for you, it is time to wake up, wake up and face reality. Stop finding ways to paint and beautify excuses to suit why you never made it. The world have drifted from the era of listening to excuses to the era of listening to success stories. What story are you going to tell 10 years from now? Don't forget, you have the creative skills to create your future. If you don't, not even your closest ally will do that for you.

Like air, you need to rise
You're the dream and hope of many
Don't fail your generation
Rise to your dreams
Rise to your future and create it.