Sunday, 27 July 2014


Attitude as was rightly said in one of my poetic articles; “Greatness Through Attitude”, It is who we are, how we act, our desires for greatness…to get to the mountain top, you need an extraordinary attitude. The right attitude matters a lot when it comes to tackling life challenges. It is our courage, hope and optimism when life throws blows at us; our decisions and where we stand in times like this, is a reflection of our attitude.

“There is a little difference in people” said W. Clement Stone. “But that Little Difference makes a Big Difference”. The Difference is ATTITUDE & the Big Difference is whether it is POSITIVE or NEGATIVE”. W. Stone in his wisdom, clearly classified attitude into two (Positive & Negative). The determinant factor is our actions and reactions in life.

In times when things aren’t working as planned, all hope seems to be lost, losing a huge capital sum in your business or facing rejection. What are you responses? Are you among those screaming to the world that life is HARD and being unfair to you? This brings us to the words of Martin Luther King Jr and I quote “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy”. This is where our true colour and nature is revealed; here the Big Difference comes into play and the tough people exhibiting their true kind. The Big Difference is how you fix the problem and not the blames; reflected in your success story or excuses. This is the very reason Robert H. Shuller said; “Tough times never last but tough people do”
Below are the steps you should take to improve your ATTITUDE:

The human mind is so delicate and unique that it accepts whatever that is fed into it. And you behave what your mind has being trained to accept. Now I understands why Henry Ford said; “If you think you can or you think you can’t, whichever way, you are right”. Optimism is something we cannot do without when it comes to positive attitude. When you speak positive words, think positive thoughts and see the first letter in the word OPPORTUNITY as letter “O” and not “ZERO”, you see the law of attraction proofreading you. To improve your attitude, you need to stay positive and live a positive driven life.

1 Corinthians 15:33 made us to understand that; evil communication corrupts good manners. And it went further to enjoin us not to be deceived. You are who you are today because of the people that completes you. And who are there fellows? They are your friends. Maybe you would have being better than you are today if had met some kind of persons in life or still, blindfolded to your dreams if you had met some persons in life. When a lion begins to associate with dogs, watch carefully, very soon it will start feeding on grasses. Who you spend most of your time with to a large extent contributes to your attitude towards life. Surround yourself with people of same dream and vision, and see yourself a step closer to your destiny. Don’t forget this, he who chooses to dine with the cannibals, sooner or later, will be eaten.

It is your right to be you. Don’t let what others say distract you to your second version. Be the first version of yourself. Be your real self and don’t act to impress people. Just as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said; “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment”.

To improve on your attitude, you need to say the truth always. We have to remain truthful even in times of trials and challenges. This factor will not be complete if the words of Mahatma Gandhi are left out, when he said; “Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or being years ahead of your time. If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind even if you are a minority of one. The truth is the truth”. We must learn to tell the truth at every slightest opportunity because you can’t change the truth but the truth can change you.

You don’t have to compare yourself with others, simply because you want to belong. Never allow the success of others hinder you from making your own plans. They are not you and you are not them, stop making it look same. To be beautiful connotes BEING YOUSELF. You don’t need the acceptance of others. You need to accept yourself. This was the very reason Bill Cosby said; “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone". Just be the best of you and you will dwell in the midst of great people.

The thoughts of success gives you edge over failure, it makes you happy and joyous. Let your thoughts be success powered rather than killing your happy moment with past failures. You have to let go. Let the foundation of your mindset be based on these two rules:

1.Reflect and focus ONLY on success
2.Don’t forget rule 1.


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Saturday, 26 July 2014


Everyone desires greatness
The world yells for power
We keep on struggling for all these
Because of our deficiency in a factor
And this factor has impaired our vision towards greatness.

This factor remains a vital bridge to actualizing our dreams
Our goal and our hope
Also depends so much on it.

What about our confidence?
What about our self esteem?
What about our integrity?
Can all these be without this factor?

What then is this FACTOR?
What then is this BRIDGE?
That has kept us below our potentials and dreams.

This factor is ATTITUDE
It is who we are
How we act
How much we desire greatness
Our mindset
And our emotions.

It attracts greatness
So does it hinder greatness
Our action as a result it dictates greatness.

Our attitude is proportional to our altitude in life
Perfect attitude perfects altitude in greatness
Better your attitude
And dominate failure and life challenges
All these are made manifest in our doings and actions.

Our altitude stability are attitude driven To accelerate in greatness better your attitude
To get to the mountain top, you need the right attitude.

Examining your attitude is good
Undergoing this attitude change is better
But, acting and living it to its fullest is best of it all
Master it and be it
For our GREATNESS in life is directly proportional to our ATTITUDE.


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Sunday, 20 July 2014


A country blessed beyond measures, vast in natural resources and ideas, with different unique cultures and languages; indivisible and indestructible Nation, ONE NIGERIA

At this junction, I would like to remind us again that we the youth of this great nation have a very important role to play in the making of the Nigeria of Our Dream. And as part of this motive of making a better Nigeria, I will enjoin us to take up the cross in fostering change in our great country. It’s not an individual effort but a collective effort.

If there must be a better Nigeria, there must be a better you. Now I understand why Mahatma Gandhi in his wisdom said; be the change you wish to see in the world. It all begins with you.

Few months ago, I was challenged with this life changing question; what is the purpose of me coming into this world as a Nigerian? when I first encountered this question, it sounded simple to me. But in time I realised that it wasn't as simple as it first sounded. I realised that it conveyed more message than the mere letters that the eyes see. Such message can only be seen not just with the naked eyes but with the inquisitive/curious eye of the mind, the eye that thinks and the eye that pounders. So if you think this question is a simple one, take a moment or two to ponder over it, and you will see that it isn't as simple as you think. For it requires an in-depth discovery of who you really are.

It was of recent I discovered that I have a purpose, a dream to bring alive and above all, a change to make in my country. These should be the aspiration of every vibrant youth.
Now I understand why Howard Thurman said; “Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who are alive."

Gone are the days when youths remain docile citizens of the country, the status quo for a better Nigeria needs help and the help it has been clamoring for resides in our youth.

John F. Kennedy once said during his inaugural address in January 1961 as the 35th President of United State in Washington D.C; ask not what your country can do for you, but rather ask what you can do for your country. Not until we begin to answer the question; what can I do for Nigeria, we cannot be all we can be to Nigeria.

There is none too young to impact the society and cause change in his country nor is any too old to fulfill his dream for his country. It is high time we started impacting and affecting our society and those around us positively. You and I have a role to play in this task for betterment of Nigeria. You have more than enough to offer Nigeria and the best time to take up this responsibility is now.

You are not great until you make others great. You are not successful until others become successful through you. And you remain incomplete until you duplicate yourself in others through your little care and love. It takes care and love to bear others burden.

If you still belong to the bandwagon of “Nigeria issue is none of my business” I will admonish you to think again. It’s time to take the bull by the horn, it’s time to think again and it’s time to change and live in the Nigeria we have always dreamed of. Let us not listen to the voices of “no change” nor hearken to the words of “no future” for the future is too bright to feature in it with a dim lamp. Let the burning passion for change and a better Nigeria keep us united. For a time shall come when the past will be a story of glory told to great Nigerians from generation to generation.

Nigeria is our country.

Nigeria is our pride.

Nigeria is our own land.

Together in one spirit let us better Nigeria.


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Thursday, 17 July 2014


Uniqueness and being indifferent are products of what defines you. You are what you are because of these factors that defines you and what defines you dictate your personality.
Your ability to pilot these qualities is so essential when it comes to how you approach life challenges.
Below are the Six Factors that defines you.

Humans are small deity and the foundation of your spirituality reflects who you are and your authority in life. You cannot be better than you in the spiritual realm.
As Romans 8:6 rightly opined “For to be carnally minded is death;but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.
Your spiritual discernment makes you you.

Environment is one of the most important qualities that qualifies you.The things around you influences you either positively or negatively. The environment you find yourself cannot leave you the same way you were.
Maybe you might have being a genius if you have found yourself in certain environment.

Friends you keep says much about you and such influences your personality. A wise man dwelling in company of fools is not different from them either.
Bonds of friendship binds you positively or negatively to the YOU. You cannot exercise your personality beyond this bond.
Friendship is byy choice, choice into becoming YOU.

Manifestation are evidence of thought.“ O LORD, how great are thy works! and thy thoughts are very deep( Psalm 92:5) The circle of your thinking impacts on your personality and you cannot be better than the environment around your mind. The flow of information in your mind contributes to who you are. You cannot think as the ordinary man and expect to exhibit extraordinary qualities.
We should be mindful of what we think and should be able to direct our thoughts.

Information forms you, you are the best reflection of your information content.
Daily, we all strive to acquire knowledge by increasing and improving our information content on a particular field.
The difference between two individuals in character and understanding can be traced to their information content and how they utilize the information.

Edger Cayce once said that “dreams are today's answer to tomorrow's questions”.
He that cannot dream cannot feature in the reality of the future. Of what essence is life when you cannot dream? If you think am being nervous about this, ask personalities like Bill Gate, Steve Jobs, Wole Soyinka, Mark Zuckerberg amongst others.

Dream equips you with the necessary wings to soar into the great future. You are you as a result of the dreams you dreamt or the dreams you failed to dream.
Joseph in the Bible was a dreamer and the Bible recorded him a great man.
The extent you can reach in life is determined by the extent you can dream the dream. Great men are not known by the weight of the dollar in their pocket but by the quality of their dreams.
The reason why some people gets to top more easily than others is due to the things that defines them. Your failure does not define you but your dream does.
Change the world of the things that defines you and all other things follows suit.

10 Essential Key Points on Success







8. Dissemination of KNOWLEDGE


Success is as simple as it sounds. The majority of us see failure even in success which inactivates the powering force of goal getting. Achieving set goals begins with the paramount exercise of positive mental attitude which of course boils down to being optimistically conscious. At that stage of consciousness, consistency evolves with hardwork, directing plans to its prognosticated zenith echelon of success. It takes determination to learn and to learn is nothing but readiness. In the land of success exist great men with uncommon mentality.
It takes spiritualality to see beyond the ordinary. Ordinary men sees the ordinary while great men sees beyond the ordinary paving way for their extraordinary qualities and exhibitions.
Lastly,I will end by leaving you with this thought; you are the pilot of your success craft and wherever you directs it there it goes.

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Monday, 14 July 2014


Understanding implies abilities and disposition with respect to an object of knowledge. It is the power and the driving force of knowing; the getting to know. To understand something is to have conceptualized it to a given measure. Understanding is the product of diligent search, the uncompromised knowhow pertaining things and people around us.

Today, people are classified based on their knowledge about things of importance. Things of importance in that, people most often have knowledge, idea and understanding on things which are irrelevant and immaterial to things and people around them. Their community benefits nothing from their contributions but rather their own understanding poses threat to the community.

Right from inception of the world (heaven and earth), understanding had been a key factor in creation and in making. The understanding between God the father, son and Holy Spirit. When man was created, it was also through this same understanding. And God said in Genesis 1:26 let us (i.e. Father, Son and Holy Spirit) make man in our image, after our likeness, and over all of the earth, and over everything that creeps upon the earth. According to that bible verse, there existed a mutual understanding between God in three persons. One cannot create, make or produce something with whom he lacks understanding about or with whom a mutual relationship of understanding exists not.

Also, through the lack of this same understanding, tribulations, sin and all sort of negativities poisoned the world. It was the absence of this understanding that created a bridge between God and one of His then angel Lucifer. This can be extracted from Revelations 12: 7-12. The betrayer of understanding between God and His then pompous angel Lucifer led a utopia earth to absurdities and sin. All this started right from the very moment Lucifer was casted down to the earth. He became a trouble and threat to every existence.

For everything in existence, there is an equal pulling force holding them together. And that force is understanding. Take for instance, the trees and grasses in the forest, there exist a mutual understanding between the tree and the soil. This is why the soil is supplying the tree with the needed nutrients to grow and produce fruits. The day this understanding is shattered, the tree dies because the soil will tend to hold back its nutrient. So is applicable to life. When a man wallows in principles outside God’s principle he ceases to be a tree planted by the river side and as such that understanding being broken, the person suffers the consequences of eternal condemnation.
Now, I am beginning to understand why Socrate in his wisdom said KNOW THYSELF. The only true wisdom after knowing God is in knowing who you are. Having indebt knowledge of yourself. You are who you are today because of your knowledge and understanding of self. Greatest of men are those who had a better understanding of themselves. I believe no one can make you inferior because you know yourself better than anyone else.

Life is in stages. The stage of life begins with a foundation of which, without it, life becomes miserable and meaningless. This foundation is 'understanding of self'. It is the level of understanding you have about yourself that determines how solid your foundation tends to be. There is nothing on this planet earth worth getting that does not have the foundation, understanding. The success we so desire and the goals we aim at begins with understanding of self; where you are coming from, where you are at present and where your destination is. There is no such ignorance as deadly as not knowing yourself. It is more poisonous than a scorpion’s bite and more deadly than a cancerous cell.

To find yourself, think for yourself said Socrate. Knowing your bearing in life as to the better you, begins with a simple giant step of thought. This thought and thinking process creates a forum for you to understand yourself. Understanding of oneself is a product of thinking for oneself. You cannot be better than the understanding you have about yourself. Many of life challenges and tribulations arise most often due to our daily routine in not knowing ourselves.

Lack of understanding is the ulcer of a relationship. Amos 3:3 says: can two work together except they agree. A relationship cannot blossom where there is no understanding between the parties involved. Its then becomes synonymous with the case of beating a dead horse. For it takes you nowhere. It also builds a relationship; it brings out the beauty of love and despises hatred. Romeo and Juliet did just not die for love but were strucked by the death of best understanding; being well informed that living without each other is as good as death. Sequel to that, it is obvious that love begins with discernible self; self as an intimation aid for a better relationship. Hence, in marriages were there is no clear cut understanding between the couples, most often ends up a fiasco. Show me a perfect relationship and I will show you a relationship where perfect understanding exists. It is as important as oxygen is to man. It is axiomatic that from the deepest understanding comes the deepest of love.

Understanding is germane in all walks of life. It cannot be done without except such a person wants to embark on voyage of disharmony or higgledy piggledy. Take for instance, a psychiatrist understands another person’s anxieties if he knows that person’s anxieties, their causes, and can give useful advice on how to cope with the anxiety. For such a psychiatrist to give an advice to someone on how to manage any mood, he must first understand the person. Lack of this understanding might lead him/her to proffer a false advice to the person which may be detrimental to the person in question. One understands reasoning, an argument or a language if he can consciously reproduce the information content conveyed in the message. You don’t expect a French man to speak with a Nigerian without a middle person, the translator. The translator must be a person who understands both languages and should be able to bridge the communication gap between the different country men.

Getting to know brings peace but its absence brings war, crisis and conflict. Argument can be likened to lack of mutual dealings resulting from different belief. Right from the days of the bible, disagreement had been due to berated savvy. It was it that prompted the fight between the philistine mighty giant, Goliath and the great David. Also in the case of Saul and David, the Egyptians and the Jews, to mention but a few. Misunderstanding if not tamed at the early stage might lead to settlement by swords and machete. War is not the opposite of peace, but rather the absence of understanding. Where there is understanding, there you find peace, love, joy and happiness. In all things we desire, in unity and earnestly work towards it in apprehension, we can achieve.

This uncompromised ability cannot be exterminated where success exist or seems to exist. Its establishing power of success comes from the knowledge of the principles of success. Napoleon Hill once said, “No man has a chance to enjoy permanent success until he begins to look in a mirror for the real cause of his mistakes”. In the words of Hill, to enjoy long lasting and fulfilling success you must understand and have a lucid view into what is the real cause of your mistakes. Just as success is a process, so is understanding. It is a process mapped with action and optimism. You too can hit the success line if only you would understand why that route didn’t lead to your destination. Will Rogers elaborated it when he said that “if you want to be successful, it’s just simple: know what you are doing, love what you are doing and believe in what you are doing” Rogers simply talks about understanding as the foundation and rudiments of success. Champions, professionals, experts, genius and intellects are nobody but men who have found nothing more interesting than understanding.

Lastly, whosoever you want to become in life, whatever height you want to attain, the kind of life you want to live are all embedded in your understanding of life. Tune your perception in knowing yourself, environment and laws of nature. I tell you only death can stop your star on this planet earth because it’s already certain that the star must shine beyond this earth which is our home; the saint utopia, heaven.



Preparation is the process of making something ready or becoming ready for something. It also connotes prior action and anticipation to an expected stimulus. Preparation defines future action with the present plans and act of expectancy; the gestation period or lead time. It is the binocular of the future, the ticket to the desired future. Also, it is the covet work done in respect to our desired success. Based on researches and findings, preparation has being a sacrosanct key factor in generating the best out of anything you can imagine and dream of. It cannot be derailed when it comes to getting what one so desires. This adequate readiness, plan or act of what is hoped for, differs from one individual to another. Of course, this is why everybody cannot equally be successful. It is the level of preparation that defines where your success loci or bearing falls.

Preparation fuses one with the equivalent strength to fulfill an expected task. It rekindles the fire of enthusiasm and passion for something. For everything done with requisite preparation often yields great result. But they that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength; they mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not to faint (Isaiah 40:31). These words from the wisdom of prophet Isaiah to the sons of God, explains the importance of waiting upon the lord; which is preparation for the coming of the lord.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend my first four hours sharpening my axe” said Abraham Lincoln. That’s getting set Lincoln talks about. Preparation is the paucity of hard work with outstanding result. It makes less work to be done on a given task in the real sense.The strength and power to get a given task done lies in your preparedness.

Preparation awakens inspiration. It is during the process of preparation that inspiration befalls a man; inspiration that amazes and challenges one. Preparation and inspiration works pari passu, it encourages you from within. The turning point of your future and dreams lies on your inspiration through preparation. This is why Samuel Coleridge rightly opined that “He who is best prepared can best serve his moment of inspiration”. There comes in a man’s life when preparation diversifies into two:

Preparing for the best.

Preparing for the worst.

These two different aspects of preparation are products of the mind’s activity; the activity of thinking (AOT). There is always this part of the mind that challenges one to prepare for the worst. It acts as a plan B to preparing for the best. Just as Will Hancock would puts it, “you don’t have to develop plan B because it distracts plan A”. If sufficient preparation is done for a given task, getting ready for the worst isn’t an option. When you sincerely and doggedly float in the realm of adequate readiness for your goals, attaining it becomes easier. The strength and energy powered in the making of plan B can be channeled in making the plan A better.

Readiness is everything. Winning is as a result of prior action both in spirit and in body. Zig Ziglar once said “you were born to win but being a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win”. Aligning all of your attention to what really matters, matters in preparation. It is the seed for reality, the best and uncompromising route to success and the shining light of the darkest moment. Your tomorrow to a large extent depends on the preparation you have made today. The best of your tomorrow cannot be better than the good of your today. It can only be better than the best of your today. Tomorrow belongs to those who make adequate plans today.

There is a generally accepted notion that; time is one great factor that cannot be regained when lost. This axiom failed to notice time on investment. Time invested on preparation today can be regained on tomorrow’s fulfilling achievements and goals. It produces outstanding fulfillment. A man like Mark Twain cannot be caught unaware. I was strucked with passion for preparation when I came across one of his statements when he said and I quote, “it usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech”. One of the elements of preparation is, no matter how strong the storm of challenges tends to be, your preparation balances your ship of dream and success from shipwreck and safely takes you to your destination

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail says Benjamin Franklin. This is one of the commonest quotes to many. It explains the stake of preparation in success and failure. Most men fail, not because they lack the will to succeed but the lack of will to prepare. If you busily rush into a given task without adequate readiness, you will be richly blessed with the barrenness of such a task.

Also, on preparation and failure, there is this mnemonics I so much love, the 5Ps. This connotes:

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. To avoid fiasco in your field of endeavor, always be a good follower of preparation. It is not possible to get something for nothing, you must give something for such a thing worth getting; and that’s preparation.

Decisions of great transformation are made by those who understand the wisdom of preparation. Adequate preparation is what gives the big wigs edge over the rank and file.

Take for instance, students in the examination hall taking their final year exam; everyone seated for the examination has idea about the course to be written. You will get to know that some among them have facts. Those with fact performed better than those with ideas; which is a result of proper preparation. Facts are ideas that has been worked upon. The time table of the desired future is making every seconds, minute, hour and day a preparatory moment. To avoid being caught unaware, you must follow the time table strictly.

The key is not the wish for greatness but the will for preparation which is the key to greatness. The key is only for those who realizes and understands the benefits of getting ready. A prepared man does not accept everything he is told until its validity has been ascertained; he is a man of extraordinary abilities. This can be seen in the lives of the Berean Jews in the bible (Acts 17:10-13). An American singer and a song-writer, Taylor Alison Swift once said, “I try to prepare for everything beyond the extent of preparation”. Prior action minimizes error and mistake in whatever one is engaged in. It empowers one to operate beyond the shores of mistake and error.

As believers would say, heaven is a prepared place for prepared people. Success is not by luck but the outcome of adequate preparation. It is not a lottery or something that you can gamble to attain. You don’t learn how to shot gun at the battle field. You learn how to shot gun before the battle begins says Bishop David Oyedepo in one of his exhortations titled ‘preparing for marriage’.

When one is done the job of putting necessary parameters in order, one’s goal is easily achieved. Take for example, in an organization, a man was asked to give a lecture on a business topic. This man started his preparation two days to the day of presentation, he went to a nearby library and obtained five different world class text books on the topic and he consumed them voraciously. The day came and he was able to reproduce what he has gotten from those texts word for word. He plagiarized those books so to say. A round of applause was offered to him when he was done for he did well. But when the session for question and answer came, his inept ability was divulged as he was unable to provide appreciable answer to most of the applicable questions asked. Getting ready for something at the eleventh hour isn’t a good idea. It only convinces you that you are able to do it without preparation and mask your inabilities for the task. It is deceptive in all aspectS. Readiness at the last hour will only bring embarrassment upon one. It is a stage by stage process and not what is approached with a fire brigade mentality. Now I understand why Friedrich Nietzsche in his wisdom said “better know nothing than half know things”.

Just the nemo dat rule puts it, “Nemo dat quod non habat” literally meaning “no one gives what he doesn’t have”. It is what you have that you can give and you can’t have what you do not make plans for to having. What you have today is the product of your yesterday’s plans and what you lack today is also as a result of the plan you failed to carry-out yesterday.

Before a child is born, he spends nine months of his first phase of life in the womb. During this period the child develop and is equipped with the necessary organs and ability to adapt to the new environment he is about to find himself. After this period of acquisition has elapsed, the womb comfort zone becomes uncomfortable for him and he comes out with all the acquired qualities to adapt.

This period is for the child to prepare and the mother to get ready to becoming a parent. Everything in existence has been given such a time to adequately make provisions for whatever he wants. Most people lavish this time on inapt things of life. People nowadays choose to do the things right rather than doing the right thing. It takes preparation for an iroko tree to be cut down with a razor blade.

Unfortunately, there seems to be far more opportunity out there than ability. This is why only a few with understanding of preparation can harness it. “We shall remember that good fortune often happens when opportunity meets preparation” said Thomas A. Edison.

Preparation brings about freedom, freedom brings opportunity and opportunity makes your future. Opportunity world can only be accessed by esoteric indefatigable ready men. The blessings of opportunity showers only on those who have all it takes and are ready to get ready. A Roman statesman and a philosopher, Seneca once said that there exist nothing like “luck”. Luck is simply the outcome of preparation mating with opportunity.

Fortune favors the alert mind. The journey into the future begins with a simple giant step; a foresight called preparation. It builds confidence, self esteem and obliterate fear. I have come to apprehend that majority with low self esteem are those with dearth foresight of the future. Confidence is the outcome of who you are viz a` viz understanding of self via readiness. The pill to low self esteem and inferiority complex is adequate preparation.

Power is one of those attributes many kill to have; power to dominate those around them. People tend to give up what they want when they want power. People desire it to become god in their various field of endeavors in life. Power is not about having a thick bicep muscles or broad chest, HELL NO. Powerful people are those who can influence their world and people around them with their actions and inactions. This power comes from the might of readiness. Yearly, the list of world’s most powerful country is being released based on their National Power Index. This national index of these countries to a large extent depends on their build up. That is why Herschel Walker in his knowledge opined, “if you train hard, you `II not only be hard, you will be hard to beat". It all boils down to what you do with your lead time; this classifies you in life based on you level preparation.

Matthew 25:1-13 talks about the kingdom of God being likened to the case of ten virgins. Five were considered wise because they took extra oil for their lamp and the other five as foolish due to non-readiness. The journey of the foolish virgins was futile due to their lack of wisdom of getting set. He who knows the importance of preparation in life is considered wise and hardly does such a person miss the track.

Rome was not built in a day. The foundation can be traced to adequate preparation. It requires unity of body, soul and mind to get ready for something. The starting point of it is the mind before the body is charge with the responsibility of action. The enemy of man is the lack of proper provisions.

The map and the route to ones destination are all concealed in one’s readiness for the journey. Your ability to understand this map and extract the useful content of it lies in your preparedness. Men who can stay longer in problem, who doggedly believe they can render a solution to a particular problem are them who are set for it. Just as Albert Einstein would say “not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer". Preparation ignites the fire of determination and they work hand in hand. A thoroughly prepared man is a determined man. Thomas Edison made this point clearer when he said “I haven’t failed; I just discovered 10000ways that won’t work". He who is not determined, determination via preparation is not qualified to be great. Preparation is a necessary prerequisite for greatness.

The history of the world is nothing but biography of well prepared men. Putting things in order to achieve a given task isn’t necessary for everybody but compulsory for a few who desires the best. Most often, people tend to shy away from it due to ignorance and lack of will. Laziness is one of those elements that rip off this ability of preparedness. A lazy man cannot carve out time to foresee the future; he believes so much in luck. Procrastination is another bad influence on preparation. It harbors beliefs like; I have more time to do it later, let me rest now and do it later. There is no better time to prepare than now. Do it now and you will be amazed with the quality of your result. I believe that it is only a dead man that is bound not to prepare. As long as you still have the breathe of consciousness in you, preparation remains the key towards harnessing your potentials and greatness pathway. Leave that comfort zone, retreat from all unprepared venture and make necessary amendments in preparation. Your comfort zone has nothing to offer you as his candidate; because it’s too rich in nothing. You are a step closer to your destiny the day you leave your comfort zone.

Do not always wait for the right time to stage up action, stage up action before the right time comes. As we all know, the time is always right to do right. The best time the right state of mind is gotten and strategies developed are during this incubation period called preparation.

Lack of adequate preparation keeps people small and below their potentials. The best time to begin better with preparation is now.

Acha Harrison .C.

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