Friday, 19 September 2014


Out of heaven's decision
The conclusion of my journey to this world was made
Through love and care between my parents
Heaven's decision was established.

Still on the journey of life
The world keeps unveiling to me
Making known the unknown
My cup overflowing with knowledge.

Living in a society of chaos
Where thousands are homeless
Human rights excessively abused
Unconscious self slavery
Racism mounted in our brother Nation
Evils roaming politics.

Hatred tearing love apart
Struggle for power exiling peace
Insecurity torturing us mercilessly
Egocentrism blindfolding human caring nature
What a total act of man inhumanity to man.

The world I wish to Live in
Where hate is conquered by love
Sorrow defeated by happiness
War enslaved by peace
Equal opportunity for both the rich and the poor
A world where man will have respect for the sanctity of human life.


Sunday, 14 September 2014


We are full of life
Energetically packaged
Naturally equipped with creativity
Exceptionally unique
We are vibrant youths.

Amazingly created to impact lives
Divinely furnished with outstanding ideas
Inclined in great possibility mindset
Dynamism is our watchword
We are vibrant youths.

Engrossed in appetite for adventure
A perfect quality of imagination
Igniting the flames of a better society
Consciously and unconsciously empowering others
We are vibrant youths.

Residing in us is the courage to change the world
A burning desire to shine bright into the dark society
A strong passion towards our visions
Our dreams are big and sure
We are vibrant youths.

We are youthful and powerful
The welfare of the world is our mandate
Challenged, but not quitting
We are vibrant youths.

A time shall come
When all will dwell in the dream world
A world fashioned on the foundation of love
Devoid of racism and criticism
Polished with peace and care
We remain vibrant and Youthful.


Thursday, 4 September 2014


I am ready to get the best out of today
I am determined to change lives today
I am set to change minds for greatness
There is no better time than now.

Inspire one inspire all
Change one change all
Better one better all
There is no better time than now

Now is the time to dream big
Now is the time to let the world know of your ideas
Now is the time to creatively better the world
There is no better time than now.

You're a blessing to the world
A mountain set on a hill cannot be hidden
You are in the best moment to break records
There is no better time than now.

Be the best you
Don't let circumstances shape your Big dreams
Little by little greatness will knock at your door
The best time is NOW.