Saturday, 26 July 2014


Everyone desires greatness
The world yells for power
We keep on struggling for all these
Because of our deficiency in a factor
And this factor has impaired our vision towards greatness.

This factor remains a vital bridge to actualizing our dreams
Our goal and our hope
Also depends so much on it.

What about our confidence?
What about our self esteem?
What about our integrity?
Can all these be without this factor?

What then is this FACTOR?
What then is this BRIDGE?
That has kept us below our potentials and dreams.

This factor is ATTITUDE
It is who we are
How we act
How much we desire greatness
Our mindset
And our emotions.

It attracts greatness
So does it hinder greatness
Our action as a result it dictates greatness.

Our attitude is proportional to our altitude in life
Perfect attitude perfects altitude in greatness
Better your attitude
And dominate failure and life challenges
All these are made manifest in our doings and actions.

Our altitude stability are attitude driven To accelerate in greatness better your attitude
To get to the mountain top, you need the right attitude.

Examining your attitude is good
Undergoing this attitude change is better
But, acting and living it to its fullest is best of it all
Master it and be it
For our GREATNESS in life is directly proportional to our ATTITUDE.


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