Thursday, 17 July 2014


Uniqueness and being indifferent are products of what defines you. You are what you are because of these factors that defines you and what defines you dictate your personality.
Your ability to pilot these qualities is so essential when it comes to how you approach life challenges.
Below are the Six Factors that defines you.

Humans are small deity and the foundation of your spirituality reflects who you are and your authority in life. You cannot be better than you in the spiritual realm.
As Romans 8:6 rightly opined “For to be carnally minded is death;but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.
Your spiritual discernment makes you you.

Environment is one of the most important qualities that qualifies you.The things around you influences you either positively or negatively. The environment you find yourself cannot leave you the same way you were.
Maybe you might have being a genius if you have found yourself in certain environment.

Friends you keep says much about you and such influences your personality. A wise man dwelling in company of fools is not different from them either.
Bonds of friendship binds you positively or negatively to the YOU. You cannot exercise your personality beyond this bond.
Friendship is byy choice, choice into becoming YOU.

Manifestation are evidence of thought.“ O LORD, how great are thy works! and thy thoughts are very deep( Psalm 92:5) The circle of your thinking impacts on your personality and you cannot be better than the environment around your mind. The flow of information in your mind contributes to who you are. You cannot think as the ordinary man and expect to exhibit extraordinary qualities.
We should be mindful of what we think and should be able to direct our thoughts.

Information forms you, you are the best reflection of your information content.
Daily, we all strive to acquire knowledge by increasing and improving our information content on a particular field.
The difference between two individuals in character and understanding can be traced to their information content and how they utilize the information.

Edger Cayce once said that “dreams are today's answer to tomorrow's questions”.
He that cannot dream cannot feature in the reality of the future. Of what essence is life when you cannot dream? If you think am being nervous about this, ask personalities like Bill Gate, Steve Jobs, Wole Soyinka, Mark Zuckerberg amongst others.

Dream equips you with the necessary wings to soar into the great future. You are you as a result of the dreams you dreamt or the dreams you failed to dream.
Joseph in the Bible was a dreamer and the Bible recorded him a great man.
The extent you can reach in life is determined by the extent you can dream the dream. Great men are not known by the weight of the dollar in their pocket but by the quality of their dreams.
The reason why some people gets to top more easily than others is due to the things that defines them. Your failure does not define you but your dream does.
Change the world of the things that defines you and all other things follows suit.