Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Don't give up, it’s not over, even when you fail, is not over, until you give up then it’s over.
Right from the days of the holy book, the only types of youth who fail and keep on failing are those who fail to realize their God given potential. I have come to realize that the greatest thing a man should dread is a youth with self confidence. The self confident youth remains the youth of the hour.

Four things comprises a resourceful youth which makes the world too small for his exploit; Perfected Thought, Positive Words, Productive Actions, and Prominent Deeds. The greatest imprisonment one can find himself is not poverty but rather self trade of potentials.
Looking at some great men who never gave up even when conditions were not favorable, they only had hope, vision, focus which made their plans and dreams a reality.

Many people who knew their potential never failed. Daniel in the holy book as a Babylonian slave, that fact never marred his dreams for becoming great; he made a name and did exploits even in another realm. Many of them did exploit even Joseph amongst others.

Unfortunately, most youths complain that their failure is traceable to their background which is the hindering factor to their aspiration towards greatness. I want to challenge you that even children of the African slaves made history not because they were from a slave background but because they made up their mind to become great.

We will be considering some African originated blacks who made their name international figures. Black skin to them was never a limitation; they saw slavery as a stepping stone to greatness. It may interest you to know that most of the Caribbean nations were first developed by Africans including about 300 Islands.

Martin Luther king (jr.) whose great grandfather is from Edo state, today is celebrated as a hero; a former great grandchild of a slave who never sold his inbuilt potentials. Today, his dream has come to pass and the world has come to understand what he meant when he said, “I HAVE A DREAM"

Also, Chiwetel Ejiofor whose grandfather was from Delta State, an Igbo man born fatherless. He grew up a captive. To many, this alone is enough to justify failure but Ejiofor never gave up. Today, his is forever a celebrated world class figure. He never saw failure as an option even when he was black mailed as a black, but he white mailed himself because he had a vision of greatness.

Who said you can’t make it? Have you forgotten George Washington Carver? He was the son of a slave, born in the farm, but made up his mind by making the farmland his stepping stone to greatness. Just put in a stroke more you will sail through.
Don’t religiously relegate yourself, don't slothfully slew your potential, don't mournfully meander at the pool of opportunity.

Lastly, if you can’t creep, sail, if you can’t sail, walk, if you can’t walk, run, if you can't run, fly, in all, just keep moving because you are almost there.
Don’t forget that, “No one is too young to impact their society & to be the cause of CHANGE" — Acha Harrison

Kessington Okwegwali.