Monday, 24 November 2014


To succeed, you have to sacrifice most things in life; your time, resources, including certains friends ending relationship with you. Sometimes, you will find yourself in the face of fear; that is the time to prove that you're not afraid of failing because you know challenges has to be conquered in order to get to the pinnacle of success in life.

The sky being the starting point, the road being endless, this is never a time to give up. Who said you can’t do it? It's just more of hearing that you won't do it. When I hear that, instantly I think why not; when there is a will there is a way. When you feel hopeless, that doesn't mean you have to stay lost. You will find yourself in the search of being greater than you were being told. So, if you're told that you can't read, find a book and study, If you're told you can't write, pick up a notebook, find a desk and write. Prove them wrong. There should be none dictating your life for you, as to what you can do and what can't do. You might not succeed at the first trial, that shouldn't give you reasons to quit. Don't allow people to define you or shape your destiny. The most influential people you see today, have been knocked down so many times. But do you know what? They never settled for less and they never gave up. They saw that as an opportunity to become stronger to reach out for their goals. If I gave in to negative words, I would be afraid of speaking my words. Why because, nobody wants to be bored with negativities. They have heard and experienced much more than you have. So what do you want to tell them that's new under the heavens.

I have been knocked down so many times that I feel like screaming from the mountaintop to the world. I have also seen people with their heads down, with feelings and belief that there's no good in the world. I have come across many like that. The only time we should have our heads down is when we are praying. If you keep your head up and strive on, instantly you're ignited with an unusual power. That kind of power that is not measured by body physique but by the strength of the heart and the will of the mind.

My dream is to see the domino effect of how people can change their life for the good, become positive in the territory of negativities. The truth is, most people are going to fall into a pity state because of ignorance. But you really need to get to that level when your heart switches to the mindset level, reminding you that your voice can reach out to thousands of people, causing you to find your talents and maximize your potentials.

Why stay down, why think negative, what will this prove to you or anyone. Absolutely nothing. I accept that I can’t do everything I want to do, but one by one I see people changing their hearts, people getting up, people rendering and getting help. You might fall against the wall, but do you realize you have a support and something to lean on?

I found myself walking around not having enough money for my next meal. But looking at the homeless guy on the roadside, what came up next was, how I can feed him? The greatest war going on now, is in your mind. This war leads you to make choices and decisions that might either uplift you or pull you down. Still, your mind is what keeps you in bed all day. Snoozing you to accept the fact that, there's no cause for alarm. Your mind is what tells you; you can finish that tomorrow (Procrastination). Also, that same mind, can tell you to push on, to rise each time you fall and never to give up.

Helping someone in need, when you're in need of help, giving a smile to a someone even when he doesn’t deserve it, is a product of love and dream towards touching lives and causing smile. It takes the unusual to get the unusual. This can be a way to change our body and mind to be more positive and productive.

I always wish I got the best job, had the most money, ride the nicest latest model car in town and live with the most adoring wife and beautiful kids. But it never was, though am still hoping to see that special day of my dream come true. But, even when the expected didn't manifest, the only hand out there was a Sunday sermons at church, and it gave me a reasons to appreciate the live I got and to work out everything I desire in life. You have to learn to work out your destiny and shape your future. I found so much when I had so little. Why do you think the richest people are so sad, and a homeless person who gets a free hot meal is so happy? I leave you to think about that.
I have never seen a successful person say I will get to that tomorrow in what he knows he can do today or having the attitude that, it will come to me, let me relax and wait for it. All successful men have one thing in common, I call it, “The Do it Now Sprit". You have to do it now, tomorrow might not offer you same opportunity as today. Cease the opportunity, maximize the moment.

Have you been pushed before, even when you were already on the ground? How did you feel? Did you see it as a punishment or as an opportunity to rise? It doesn't end your chapter in the story. It's under your jurisdiction to re-create yourself and rewrite your story.

I learnt to live each day of my life with an attitude of challenging myself. It usually goes with questions. Questions like: How can I fix this? Why don’t I try it again and again? Can you solve that problem? Yes of course. Give me a pad and a pen and let me try? What next? I refuse to accept the statement of, “I can't" mentality into my life. If I do, it will be oxymoron living a motivated life.

Could you believe that friends got surprised when they heard I was into motivating people? They said and I quote, “Brian, when do you have time for yourself?" My reply to that question was, the time I have for myself comes from motivating people and telling them never to give in.

There's so much about you that you lack knowledge of. To discover that, generate that 'will power'. If you have physical pains just nurse your body or get your physician involved. If you are struggling with depression, write it down and talk it out. You don’t have to look back and to see where you coming from in order to see where you are going to. Don’t blame someone for your failure. It is your duty to prove wrong, the critics and theories of people about you. Remember, you have a profound ability to remain motivated. You don't necessarily have to be the strongest man in the world for you to conquer challenges and achieve your dreams. The body will conquer what the mind believes.