Monday, 22 June 2015


I subscribe to the school of thought that, determination births possibilities. The mountain top is for the few who are ready to take the first, second and the rest bold steps to the top undermining the challenges that attracts giving up. Determination activates focus, enthusiasm and confidence in you. It caused Thomas Edison to invent the electric bulb after many failures which he described as the processes needed to make it work. What about Abraham Lincoln who failed in eight elections before he became the 16th President of United States? Or have you forgotten Oprah Winfrey? Hey, I am not trying to feed you with these biographies for writing sake but to let you know that you have no reason to give up. If you fall nine times, rise up ten times. Be dogged about that you so desire. With passion, determination can be built and with purpose, passion can be generated. I enjoin you this day to stay driven in purpose and shine bright like diamond in the realm of greatness.