Thursday, 16 April 2015

Nigerian Youths: The Hope Of Nigeria

The political affairs in Nigeria today, has really blindfolded us and feed us with myopic view of the thousand youths with youthful blood running in their veins fleeing this country daily in search of greener pastures. For too long, we have been so attached and highly sensitive to political matters and have left the salient issues unattended to.

It hurts me most seeing the hope of our great country flee our motherland for a better life which they believe they can source abroad. We are fleeing our home hoping to see it better when we return; what an act of superficial mindedness void of future for our nation. Indeed, the mighty has fallen.

There’s no doubt that we are facing problems and challenges in our nation state today but what problem is worst than absconding from these problems and challenges? The spirit of fleeing our motherland for no just cause has so much eaten deep into us as we are ever ready to undertake uncalculated risks through several mountains, deserts and rivers undermining the consequences. This solution that most youths resort to is causing us more destruction than the actual challenges. It will shock you to know that, our parents support it, the government support it indirectly, and even the educated youths are also advocates of this pain in the neck. I kept asking myself this; is it actually the lack of knowledge that’s causing our people to perish or lack of its proper application?

As I am drafting this article, many youths are on their way out of the country and many are making plans and setting strategies to ebb the country. Thousands have lost their lives trekking abroad through the Sahara desert and thousands have also lost their lives sailing through the sea. Still, the number of youths embarking on this suicidal exodus is on geometric progression. If I may ask, is it that our destiny is programmed to function only abroad? What about the talents and skills we got? The truth is, our desperation for the unknown is really leading us to doom. It is high time we began to rethink and induce a paradigm shift as a nation. Nigeria is our home and we are the hope of Nigeria.

In my childhood days, I was told that Nigeria is one of the most blessed nations in the world. And also that, Nigeria is the giant of Africa. As I grew up, I began to understand the truth in that which I was told many years ago. I have being asking myself these salient questions right from the very day I began to get the glimpse of the country I live in. And I am still asking, is Nigeria still one of the most blessed countries in the world? Or were we blessed by God and suffering from the curse of men? Are we still the giant of Africa we used to be? Undeniably, there’s a burden that need to be lifted.

Nigeria is not just a blessed nation in terms of natural resources, cultural heritage, agricultural resources, and stable climate but also, her youths are blessed with talents and ideas beyond measure (history vindicates this fact). The challenges we are facing today as youths, is that, we lack value for our talents and skills and the passion is not there to uphold us motivated. I believe we can begin to address this first and foremost through reorientation and enlightenment.

Imagine the outcome years from now, if the youth whose population encompasses about 80% of the entire Nigerian population, acquires knowledge and skills in relevant fields coupled with their individual special talents and unquenchable passion and putting it to work. It is becoming more obvious than ever that, planting the greener pasture we rummage around for abroad is very possible here in Nigeria, but it requires the collective and active effort of Nigerians.

The last time I checked, humans were still teleogical being (purpose driven) and Nigerian youths are not an exception to that; we have a dream and purpose to bring alive. Are you still asking yourself, what is my purpose in life? If you don’t know your purpose in life as a youth, I urge you to realize that one reason for your existence on earth is to find it.

I have not given up on Nigeria, and I know, Nigeria has not given up on me either. It is time to arise as vibrant youths and initiate a turning point that will gradually build the Nigeria of our dream. I humbly enjoin every youth of this great nation both home and abroad to do same. The future of Nigeria is still bright. Collectively, let us build our motherland.

God bless Nigerian youths.
God bless Nigeria.
God bless Africa