Saturday, 18 April 2015


Oh South Africans!
When did you dream up black on black racism?
When did you start unleashing this animalistic brutality on us?
When did you instigate another dimension of racial discrimination amongst us?
When did your African brothers become inferior to you?

Oh South Africans!
Are Africans now foreigners in Africa?
Where is the black brotherhood we have always cherished?

Oh South Africans!
How long shall we continue with this tradition of harming ourselves?
How long shall we continue to live with scars of hatred?
How long shall we continue to war ourselves?

Oh South Africans!
Why have you accepted to inch towards breaking apart Africa/Africans?
Why have you chosen to bring back what we have fought against in sweat and blood many years ago?
Why have you decided to give us another pain in the neck?

Oh South Africans!
We knew you to be the pride of Africa in terms of brotherhood
Africans least expected this barbaric act from you
You have brought ignominy upon black brotherhood.

Africa Oh Africans!
Violence is not the solution
Let’s say no to Afrophobia/Xenophobia
We are all Africans.

Acha Harrison