Saturday, 25 April 2015

The PAST Has Done Its PART, Arise o FUTURE!

Oh my past!
Unusual greetings I bring to you.

See how time flies
It seems like yesterday
The future unfolding itself slowly but surely
Yesterday’s lessons learnt now fine tuning pathway for continued existence.

Still in the world of uncertainty
Knowing not what holds of the future
Yet, you have sufficiently armed me to the teeth for this brave new world.

Alas, you are not bed roses as it seems
But, you have gently polished away my rough edges
And bit by bit you have well-built a relationship between my future and I.

Oh my past!
I’m not lazy in the brain to have forgotten your great maxim of achievement;
“Come what may, never give up on your dreams"
I’m confident to voice out that, it has kept me striving higher and higher.

These great lessons shall not end at this time
The world and generations to come must guzzle from this pot of uncommon wisdom
Letting them know they can be all they can be.

Acha Harrison